About Richard Legg…

Hey there, and thank you for coming by to check out this page!

On this page you’ll get to know a little more about who I am (and hopefully how I can help you), and also feel free to let me know a little more about you in the comments below too.

So who is Richard Legg?

I’m a 30 year old English guy, who lived in Ireland for half my life, and married an American girl

… so if you’ve ever watched one of my videos and thought. “What accent is that?!” … now you know :-)

We also have an amazing son, and really, my family is the whole reason I do what I do.

Anyway, I’m an ex-physicist who stumbled upon internet marketing a few years ago while I was studying for a full time degree.

At the time I was working in a local sandwich bar, getting paid minimum wage, and working 20-30 hours a week on top of my full time studies.

Basically I was doing all I could to make sure I had enough money for rent/food … oh ok, and beer … I was a student after all!

But as anyone who’s done the same will know, being ‘on the go’ 60-70 hours a week can take it’s toll, and it wasn’t long before I started thinking “There’s got to be an easier way to do this??”, and, having always been a bit of a tech-nerd, I turned to the internet and all that it promised …

So what happened?

That’s a realllllly long story, and one you can read more about here (link to my story)

So why the blog?

One thing you’ll probably see from that other post above is that I’ve built a business so far by focusing on helping people.  I’ve been extremely blessed to have such success, and it’s my hope that I can help share some of the methods, ideas, and strategies from my own business, so that you can improve your business (or even start one), so that you can share those same freedoms.

So in this blog, I’ll be detailing things you can do (and things you shouldn’t) based on what has, and hasn’t, worked for me.

There is a LOT of information online, and unfortunately a lot of it is nothing more than MIS-information.

It’s my hope that the blog will become a resource that you can use to separate the good from the bad and ultimately fulfill your own potential.

If you haven’t already done so, please subscribe to my newsletter using the form below so that I can keep in touch with you, and send you regular updates as well as new techniques/strategies you can use to succeed yourself.

I’ll only ever share things that I know work, based on strategies I use in my own business, or sometimes those from close partners that I know are using successfully.


One final note that I want to end on, is that while I can do my best to help you succeed, ultimately it comes down to you.

I’ve been fortunate to have been blessed with success, and the truth is I’m no-one special – just a physics nerd who liked to mess around with a computer.

It is very possible to make a very healthy living online, but it’s not something that comes and just falls in your lap.

It still takes hard work and dedication.  But trust me, the rewards are worth it.

So if I can do this, without having any marketing/sales background, then you can too.

To YOUR success,



You can probably guess … I got suckered into all of the business opportunity, get rich quick type junk that was flying around online (and still is to an extent), so I didn’t really get anywhere for the first while.

In fact, I think in my entire first year I didn’t make a single penny.  And it took me two years to make my first $100 total. (Yep. That works out to about a buck a week!)

Admittedly I was only trying things ‘on and off’, I’d try one thing for a little bit, get discouraged, give up for a couple of months, and then try something new.

So I definitely wasn’t focused at all.

(The sad thing is, that even though I only made $100 in 2 years, that’s STILL more than a lot of people end up making)

So what turned it around for me?

Truthfully, I met the girl of my dreams, and knew that I wanted to marry her.

But there was a problem.

I had nothing to offer her at that point.

I was still going to be in university for at least another 2 years, so there was no prospect of me getting a career job any time soon.

And even when I did graduate, I’d be lucky to get a job that would pay that much.  I was studying physics because I loved it, but it wasn’t going to make me financially free.

(After all, it’s not like you see most physicists cruising around in a Ferrari because their jobs pay so well!)

But I wanted to give this girl everything she deserved, and even though she told me she would have been happy to live in a cardboard box so long as we were together, I still wanted to do more for her.

It was that feeling which gave me the motivation I needed.

The truth was that I knew people were making money online – I’d seen people who were doing it, talked to people who were doing it – so I knew that my lack of results so far wasn’t because it was impossible.

It was possible. I just hadn’t figured out the ‘how’ part just yet.

Since I had absolutely no background in marketing or sales what so ever, it took me a while to get some of the actual concepts required.

Once you understand it, making money online is no different to making money in any other business.

The core principle is that there needs to be an exchange of value somewhere.

If you look at any product/service that’s sold (either online or offline), the transaction takes place because Person A has a problem, and Person B has a solution.

Person A is willing to give Person B money in exchange for that solution because it brings some value to them.

Here’s an example…

Have you ever baked a loaf of bread before?

Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t.

But if you haven’t, you can probably imagine it’s not something that’s too hard to do, right?

Get the ingredients, mix them together in the right amounts, then stick that in the oven for a certain amount of time.

Baking bread isn’t difficult.

So why doesn’t everyone just bake their own bread?

The truth is, even though it’s something that anyone can do, it still takes time and energy to bake bread.

So if someone can go to the store, pay $2 for a loaf of bread, and not have to get any of the individual ingredients, or do any of the work themselves, then there is VALUE in that for that person.

THAT  is why they buy it.

It’s the same with any other product/service – there has to be VALUE for it to work.

(Granted there are some things that you can’t do yourself e.g. build a car from scratch, so you pretty much have no choice but to buy a car if you want one.  But still, the value in buying a car is that you don’t have to walk everywhere, that you can save time by driving)

Anyway, eventually I was fortunate enough to finally start piecing the parts together and able to begin generating a regular, consistent income online – even if it was only $100 a week or so at first.

It meant I was able to quit the part time job, spend more time ‘free’ and earn some money from the comfort of my own home.

Possibly the thing I loved the most was that I didn’t have to keep getting up at 6.30am on weekends to get to work at the shop.

From there things just kind of grew…

At the end of my university degree I was offered a place on a masters course in London, UK.

It was a one year course, and extremely intensive, but I knew that I’d never be given the chance to do it again.

I was still making some money online, but no where near a full time income, so even though I desperately wanted to focus completely on internet marketing, part of me was afraid to go ‘all in’.

I struggled with the fear of “what if it doesn’t work?”, and “what if I can’t do this?”, so for me, continuing my education was a way for me to try and make sure I had a ‘backup’ option – even if it wasn’t going to be a profitable one.

Even though I had that fear of failure, thankfully it didn’t stop me from trying to succeed.  I still had those doubts, but I kept on doing something.

Before my one year masters degree had finished, I had actually built and launched two sites – both have since gone on to generate over 6 figures each – and that was the validation I needed.

One successful site could have been a fluke, but two sites was enough to prove to myself that I could do this.