Why Is The Internet Marketing Failure Rate So High?


The Internet marketing failure rate continues to be high. I saw this discussed recently in a thread on the Warrior Forum. This leads to a good discussion and some food for thought.

Think about this. If the unemployment rate is basically staying high where are people turning to try to make their money? A high percentage of these people are coming online and attempting to make money doing Internet marketing.

This creates a problem however for most people because even though they have the need to make more money, they do not have the skills to make that happen. This is the primary cause for the high failure rate doing Internet marketing.

It takes skills to promote something online, and most people either do not have the patience to learn how to do this, or they do not have the money to invest to get the education they need. Go back and reread that sentence again.

I think many people who get into Internet marketing do so because they have a real need to make more money. If unemployment is high because there aren’t as many jobs as there should be, you have to go somewhere to make your money.

Internet marketing is a likely source because everybody has a computer or smartphone with an Internet connection. It’s very easy to sit down and type in the words “make money online”, or “earn money at home”, and so on. You are going to be met with millions of results to start checking out.

I’m not just pulling these keyword phrases out of the air. Millions of searches are done every day just on Google alone for a number of keyword phrases relating to the basic theme of making money on the Internet, or earning money from home.

Certainly variations of this could include start a home business, home-based business, work at home, easy ways to make money, and literally millions of variations. When you continue your research are going to end up on various websites and blogs that basically tell you how easy it is to make money with the way they are promoting.

If you’re desperate enough, or have a large enough need to make money, you’re willing to believe just about anything. Especially if there is a low barrier to entry.

What I mean by that is you can get started with very little money up front. Starting to do Internet marketing does not take an investment of thousands of dollars like purchasing a business, or starting a franchise would.

This still leads back to the basic problem of where are you going to get the skills you need, and are you willing to invest the time that it will take you to become adept at Internet marketing!

If not, you’re going to become another statistic just like millions of people who’ve gone before you have. You will contribute to the high failure rate of Internet marketing, and you will have failed to address the basic need of making more money.

What’s a better solution for this?

A better solution is to become educated and trained on how to do Internet marketing before you jump into a business opportunity. Not only is this going to save you some money, but it’s going to save you a lot of time and suffering going through trial and error.

Plus, as you become educated on doing Internet marketing you’re going to come across some real good opportunities to make money online. You will be more qualified to recognize these opportunities because you know what you’re looking at.

You’re also going to see that there are some real poor opportunities when you peel back the professional copywriting that they are layered with. A professional copywriter can make something sound really good, but that does not make it a good opportunity for you to make money as an Internet marketer with.

You’re also going to begin to zero in on what are some good niches to get started in. You may even be able to identify something that you have a specific interest in and that’s a good way to get started making money online.

Combining your passion for something with a product you can sell is a good 1-2 combination. You can then begin to do the things you need to do such as build a website, monetize your site, set up a blog, build an email list, and so on.

There is a lot that goes into successful Internet marketing. If you get off on the right foot by becoming educated and skillful before spending a lot of time and money you have a better chance of succeeding!

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