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One way to approach marketing on the Internet is to set up an blog Internet marketing campaign. The idea is to view how you are promoting from a long term view point. Instead of making it up as you go you actually know what you are doing tomorrow, next week, and even next month.

Of course your primary goal with Internet marketing is to increase the amount of traffic you are getting to your blog. This means that you’re not only considering where you are going to promote, but you also have a good idea of the type of content you’re going to use to accomplish that.

Blogging is great for increasing traffic, developing your brand, pre-selling your affiliate offers, and just developing an overall awareness of your online business. What you’re looking to do in these various ways is catch the attention of prospects and prospective readers in as many ways as possible.

A blog marketing campaign can be perfect for this, but you need to know who you’re talking to and what your message is going to be. With that in mind let’s consider a few things that will go into setting up a successful blog Internet marketing campaign.

1. Target market. If you have a blog that teaches people how to make money on the Internet you don’t want to target a market of readers that are interested in niches such as fishing, cooking, gardening, and so on.

Take a little bit of time and define exactly the type of person you are going to be talking to. Analyze what’s going on in this market so that you can create your campaign specifically for them.

2. Niche down. One mistake people make is they attempt to have to broad of a blog marketing campaign.

This can be confusing to the people you’re trying to target and ultimately they may not even bother to come to your blog and check it out. An example of targeting a specific niche in Internet marketing might be focusing just on affiliate marketing as opposed to making money online in general.

3. Market in multiple ways. Although you’re targeting a specific niche the way you do that should be broad in nature.

Things to keep in mind include search engine optimization, social networking, social bookmarking, video marketing, email marketing, pay per click advertising, and other forms of paid advertising.

This may be something that you scale up as your business becomes profitable. Your goal should be to reach as many people as you possibly can, and do it in as many ways as is feasible both in time and money.

4. Outsource. One of the great things about the Internet is how you can hire people to do things for you that either you do not have enough time to do, or you do not know how to do.

In the past this would be very expensive and would eliminate most people from even attempting to do it. Today thanks to sites such as Fiverr, oDesk, and Easy Outsource you can find people to do tasks at an affordable rate. This will help you develop your blog marketing campaign faster.

5. Be patient. One of the biggest problems with inexperienced Internet marketers is they do not have reasonable expectations in the time frame it takes to begin to get the results on the Internet.

Consider this if you’re just getting started. There are blogs in the niche you are looking at that could be 5, 10, or even 15 years old.

They have a big head start in terms of exposure, backlinks, and an established email list, and so on. You can actually use this to your advantage doing things like email solo ads to their list and making blog comments on their blog with a link back to yours.

Don’t expect to hit you or primary goals on the first day, or even in the first week or month. As long as you are moving your campaign forward you can always scale up to get more results if you are profitable..

6. Monetize. In the previous five things we talked primarily about identifying your market, and working towards getting more traffic. The ultimate end game for bloggers in this scenario is to make money. One of the best ways to do that is through affiliate marketing.

Blogging makes this easy to do by adding banners on your blog, and in the individual blog posts. You can also set up landing pages, or text links leading to a landing page, to build your email list and sell your products to them.

These are several things to keep in mind when setting up your blog Internet marketing campaign. Blogging continues to be the leading way that Internet marketers promote online today.

Whether you’re going to focus primarily on information, or set up an e-commerce site, a blog is a good way to do that. Just make sure you have a planned out campaign for driving traffic and monetizing it in ways that you are profitable.

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