Michael Cheney’s 7 Figure Franchise – Reviews from Real Users

The 7 Figure Franchise, a money-making program from Michael Cheney, has certainly made quite a lot of noise in the marketplace recently.

Since it was released, the 7 Figure Franchise opportunity has generated more than a million dollars in revenue. This success can be attributed to many reasons, but the whole thing is primarily due to the fact that Michael made it an initiative to sell the product on his own.

His products have to convert, and have to help people, for them to sell well and keep selling. Using these proven products as the basis for the 7 Figure Franchise has been key to allowing other people to generate an income by promoting them.

What is 7 Figure Franchise?

The 7 Figure Franchise isn’t just one thing.  There are lots of different parts to it, so below you’ll find a list of pretty much everything you’re going to get as a member.

— Franchise Benefit 1 —

If you are a franchisee in the Seven Figure Franchise, you get to promote Michael’s products, and then keep the full profit in your PayPal account. You can choose to promote just one of these products, and a campaign promoting all of Michael’s products will drive leads to your promotion.

— Franchise Benefit 2 —

Folks interested in the Seven Figure Franchise have been asking many times if they will need the likes of ads, web hosting and autoresponders.

The answer is yes and no.

To get started you don’t need any of that. Michael will pretty much take care of whatever you will be needing.

However, it’s always good to be building your list so if/when you want to do that, you can easily drive traffic to your own pages first and have people then go to Michael’s offers where you get paid.

Once you start building your own list, you’re going to want to email them in order to earn more commissions from them.

All these have been covered by Michael as well, and you will basically receive license to employ the email campaigns that he has used in the past, as well as those he is using and are yet to deploy.

The campaigns in question have proved themselves in the past, earning Michael over $6 million, and you can use these for marketing third party products.

— Franchise Benefit 3 —

Your first 1000 visitors free.

In order to make sales you first need to find people to buy those products, right? For many people starting with the 7 figure franchise the topic of getting website traffic is going to be a little new to them and it’s something that can stump a lot of people. It’s a sad fact that many have given up on Internet marketing thanks mainly to the inability to get their hands on high quality targeted traffic.

In order to help you make money as soon as you could, you will be provided exclusive access to Michael’s traffic training that will get you your first set of one thousand visitors without spending a dime.

Shortly after you have started with this training, you will be able to employ the traffic generation strategies that you have learned and make some profit on the same day. (This is not absolute, however, as it is still your speed in the training that will dictate the amount of time that will pass before you can actually start making money).

— Franchise Benefit 4 —

Another huge benefit to the 7 Figure Franchise is that members can also earn $1000 commissions from the integrated high ticket program that’s part of every single funnel in 7 figure franchise.


This product has been designed to be as newbie-friendly as possible, and Michael has been aiming exactly for this.

High ticket programs often have information that will teach you just what to do to achieve this. Sadly, though, not many are up for this. Michael’s program is different in this regard, in that it provides you with what really works, allowing you to earn your juicy commissions right after you got started.

To maximize your profits, Michael has created a complete suite of evergreen sales funnels so that every single person who requests more information from your 7 figure franchise link goes through an entire 9 week sequence of email promotions.

— Franchise Benefit 5 —

You will get access to all products published by Michael so far. Each of these products can be worth $5,000. Furthermore, you will be granted access to all of Michael’s digital products after you have become a 7 Figure Franchise franchisee.

Even if this was the only element that franchisees got, it would still be great value compared to the price paid for membership to the franchise.

However, there’s something that you should be wary of… Each of Michael’s products is jam-packed with information, and you can easily overwhelm yourself as you go through one.

If you’re relatively new to online marketing, the best way to use the franchise is to simply follow the ‘getting started’ training that Michael provides so that you can begin to make sales as soon as possible. The training will provide you with some momentum that you can apply to the products that will be made available to you.

— Franchise Benefit 6 —

You will be assisted personally by Michael himself.

Michael knows that there are going to be people from all kinds of experience levels joining the 7 figure franchise and some people are going to need more help than others.

For that reason you’re also going to get 30 days of personal consultancy with Michael himself once you join. This way you can communicate directly with him (at his personal email address) so that you can spend the first 30 days really focussed on the right methods to get results fast.

Beyond these 30 days, you will still get support in the form of a support team that are always ready to assist you.

— Franchise Benefit 7 —

Other bonuses from Michael include:

– Free traffic will be yours with the help from traffic expert.

You’ll get Michael’s traffic expert working on your campaign for a full 60 minutes to kick start your traffic and promote your franchise link on high profile search engines and websites.

– Fast Facebook traffic.

You will see a demonstration of the strategies Michael used to earn more than $171,000, and this uses FB traffic. This is something his past clients have learned from him for the price of $5,860.

– Make actual profit from your traffic.

You will learn of a very quick way to get highly profitable traffic. All you need to do is follow the video tutorials included in this program for that matter.

— Franchise Benefit 8 —

Beyond the money making potential of promoting the products in the 7 figure franchise, Michael has also included some training that shows you his exact blueprint for making a million dollars a year online.

Michael recorded this training in Scotland, and he’s sparing no time to show you how he was able to build up his business to its seven-figure state while still having the time for other things, like family, sports, and recreation.

Michael will show you how to make a seven digit income within five to six hours, and not over 50 hours a week as others would love to suggest.

Is There A Guarantee With 7 Figure Franchise?

The Seven Figure Franchise will come with a rather generous double money back guarantee. Meaning, you will get twice the money you paid for as a refund should you not get anything despite faithfully following the training,

Of course, you can’t just idle around playing games and the like, and then expect to get your double money back guarantee; you will need to have put some effort on the whole thing first.

Arguably, it takes balls to put a double money back guarantee on an information product, and is almost unheard of elsewhere.

The only reason Michael can offer this is that he knows just how well it works. This can be easily reinforced by the many different proofs in screenshot form, all taken from successful members and affiliates promoting this program.

As you can see, the worst that could happen to you when trying out this program is that you will get paid. You may make money, but failing to do so after much effort will qualify you for a double money back guarantee. This, in our humble opinion, is more than fair.

Are There Any Bonuses For 7 Figure Franchise?

Although Michael is offering plenty of training and guidance, members-slash-marketers of the program will get some nice bonus materials.

You ought to grab those bonuses and enjoy their benefits while you can, as this can easily add value to what you paid for.

It is wise, however, to be wary when going for certain bonuses. You really don’t need to grab more just because you want to get more. Otherwise you end up with everything collecting digital dust on your hard drive. You may even end up not working on the franchise, as the information may end up overwhelming you and turning you off.

When deciding on a bonus package from a 7 figure franchisee, you want to find something that’s going to complement and enhance the package that you’re getting from Michael.

Seven Figure Cycle Bonus – Seven Figure Cycle Review

This post is for Seven figure cycle from Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. The 7 Figure Cycle course is set to release soon, but it is not known how long Seven figure cycle will be available for.

Keep coming back to this page for a detailed Seven Figure Cycle review as soon as we can get access to the course, and also keep an eye out for the best 7 Figure Cycle bonus package that we’ll be putting together for readers too.

In the mean time, make sure to bookmark this page, share it on facebook, or tweet it, so that you’ll be able to find it more easily when 7 Figure Cycle is released.

7 Figure Franchise Review – My Results

If you’re on this page you’re probably considering Michael Cheney’s 7 Figure Franchise opportunity, am I right?

In that case, I’m sure you’ve already seen the presentation but you want to know if this is going to work for you.

Here’s what I do know…

Most people who try to get started with something like this aren’t really committed to making it work.

They’re just looking for a quick buck.

And guess what happens?

They give up at the first sign of that dreaded, four letter word (WORK) and go off to buy the next shiny object.

So here’s the thing…

If that sounds like you, then I can say with 100% certainty, do NOT buy the 7 figure franchise.

Like anything, it only works if you’re willing to put in the effort.

The good thing about Michael’s seven figure franchise program though is that you only need to put in a fraction of the work that you might with other opportunities.

First of all, I want to show you some real results of my own from being a member. That way you can see that my 7 figure franchise review is based on facts, not just some random information.


My First $1000 Commission Within 12 Hours of Joining

More Commissions…

On top of making my first $1k commission within just a few hours of joining, I also received another $1k commission just two days later.

My second $1000 commission from Michael Cheney's 7 Figure Franchise

My second $1000 commission from Michael Cheney’s 7 Figure Franchise

The best part is that with the 7 Figure Franchise, you don’t even have to try and sell the expensive products to get those $1k commissions.

I’d only been promoting the lower ticket $10-$20 products and then Michael went and turned those lower ticket buyers into $1k commissions without any extra effort on my part.

Another $1k commission from the 7 Figure Franchise. Thank you Michael Cheney :-)

Another $1k commission from the 7 Figure Franchise. Thank you Michael Cheney 🙂

Pretty cool, right?

It’s Not Just High Ticket Commissions…

As part of the 7 Figure Franchise membership you also get to promote ALL of Michael’s products and keep 100% on everything in the sales funnel.

Promoting these products on their own has made me another $20k+ in commissions.

Over $23,000 in commissions from Michael Cheney's products

Over $23,000 in commissions from Michael Cheney’s products

UPDATE: Results After One Month

I wanted to post some more results after being a member of Michael Cheney’s 7 Figure Franchise for just over a month.  Check out these screenshots below:

$6000 Day With 7 Figure Franchise

$6000 Day With 7 Figure Franchise


$2000 Day With 7 Figure Franchise

$2000 Day With 7 Figure Franchise


Two $1000 commissions in 20 minutes

Two $1000 commissions in 20 minutes

Not bad, right?

So what do you get with the 7 figure franchise?

Now that you’ve seen the kind of results you can get with it, let’s see everything you’ll receive as a 7 figure franchisee.

Member benefit #1

As soon as you become a franchisee, you will get the ability to sell any of Michael’s products, keeping all of the money that you earn in sales. This is true with both the front end products and all the other items in the funnel.

All this aside, you also get the right to make $1000 commissions on the franchise that you get to sell to your clients.

Michael will also work with each customer you bring him and he will work to turn each customer into the $1000 commission for you.

You could, as an example, bring him a customer for one of his $19.95 products.

That client can buy the initial $197 upsell as well as the second one which costs $97– this should automatically earn you $313.95– and you can still earn an extra $1000 once they go through the automated follow up sequence which offers the franchise.

This adds up to a $1,313.95 in commission for just a single $19.95 customer.

That’s not so bad now, isn’t it?

That there is just the first part of the Franchise membership.

Member benefit #2

You will be allowed to use the exact same email promotions that Michael has come up with so far, as well as all the promotions he’ll do in the near future.

For every successive month into the membership, you’ll get to receive a minimum of 80 emails that can be used to promote virtually any product.

Member benefit #3

Michael will provide you recordings of a closed-door event where he will reveal what he does to make a seven-figure yearly income.

People from all over travel to go to this event, access to which costs hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

This comes free for 7 Figure Franchisees.

Here are some of what you will learn from this event:

  • A battle-tested method that will speed up your business to make an income in six figures yearly.
  • Some never-before heard techniques that will help you become more organized and more effective and will get you ahead of competition.
  • A secret product launch technique that will involve scores of hungry affiliates.
  • How you can be an ultra affiliate earning thousands of dollars and dominating competition, thereby attracting a lot of fans.
  • Strategies designed to increase your profits not just from your buyers, but also prospects.
  • Next level list-building and email marketing strategies.
  • A method of creating funnels and sales letters that will send tons of buyers your way and get you hungry affiliates.

Member benefit #4

Michael Himself will show you how to earn $10,000, starting from zero and even if you don’t have any previous experience.

  • A little-known technique to double your weekly earnings without so much work.
  • A rather effortless tactic that involves last minute idea generation, earning you $3000 per day.
  • Earn in just four hours of work per day up to ten times that of your boss.
  • An often overlooked factor that measures your online economic standing.
  • A whiteboard symbol that can earn you money more than any other method.
  • The first step to getting rich that nearly everyone misses.
  • An exclusive look into the usual day in an online millionaire’s life.

Member benefit #5

You will get access to all of Michael’s products, as well as everything else he’s releasing this year.

The value for all these products and training that a 7 Figure Franchise member will be getting are estimated to be at least $5,000.

Member benefit #6

The first 1000 visitors you’ll get are free.

Michael is showing you how to quickly and easily get thousands of targeted visitiors without paying a dime.

Owning a website is completely unnecessary, as you only need to send your visitor to your franchise link.

Member benefit #7

You will get free coaching for 30 days and will be able to get personal access to Michael. Michael charges up to $1,000 hourly for consultation, but, being a 7 Figure Franchise member, you’ll get it for free for 30 days.

Whew …

The truth is that this post covers no more than the essentials, and there’s so much more in the actual thing. You can even get hold of my 7 figure franchise bonus too:

Now if you are curious and would like to learn more about the franchise, as well as see proof and reviews from actual members, just click the link below: Discover the 7 Figure Franchise here

Review of Richard Legg’s workshop

If you’re looking for a way to build a real online income that makes in excess of six figures per year then you’ll probably want to review what Richard Legg is showing in his free “100k apprentice” training event.

It’s now more than 10 years ago that Richard was a full time student in Galway, Ireland working towards his bachelors degree in physics and astronomy.  At the time he was working part time in a local super market (and only getting minimum wage) and when combined with his studies, found that he was working upwards of 70 hours a week between work and college.

Like many people in a similar situation, he felt that there had to be an easier way to generate an income while spending less time and getting paid more for it. After a lot of trial and error he finally stumbled onto a method that gave him some small results and income at first, and it was then he knew he was on to something special.

Initially it wasn’t much, but once he found something that worked he was able to grow that small income into enough to replace the minimum wage job he was working for.

The bigger advantage though was that he could actually spend less time on his internet business than he did at work and still make more money.  Over time he developed and refined this system to the point where he made his first $100,000 in his final year of college.

Richard found that developing simple systems and using automation as much as possible were key to being able to achieve this and it’s something not everyone uses, much less teaches.

Anyone who’s started a business offline knows how difficult it can be to setup but the benefit of the internet and an online business is that techonology makes it easy for you.

Once Richard had finished his studies he had two choices – continue on building his own business or go and work for $20k as a technician in a physics lab.  It was a no brainer decision for him. He went on to make his first million dollars less than 3 years after finishing his studies and he and his wife bought their first home just months after graduating.

For over a decade Richard has worked from home watching his children grow and built a succesful business that has generated millions in revenue.

Fast forward to today, and Richard has helped thousands of customers in their efforts to make money online, and over 120,000 people have subscribed to his online email newsletter.

One benefit of being a former physicist is that it gives him the ability to be able to look at a complex idea and in turn create a simple system that can be applied by anyone, even those without any prior experience.

In the $100k Apprentice training Richard is going to reveal this same simple system and show how you can use it to make money online by focus on giving stuff away for free.

Again, the system is powerful but simple, so with after a simple ten minute demonstration you’ll see how it works first hand and be able to use it.

Once you finish the training you’ll also get a free PDF that you can keep to follow along and use over and over again. However, if you’re more experienced, Richard will also share some tips on how to maximize the results you’re already getting in your business so that you can sell more and work less.

If you want to get access and see the training for yourself all you need to do is head on over to www.100kApprentice.com now.

Tips To Create Facebook Pages That Get Thousands Of Likes


It is important for you to learn tips to create Facebook page that gets thousands of likes. Having thousands of likes is the dream of any Facebook page owner.

In a Facebook page, a like is not just an icon but a symbol of real people having interest in what you are showing them. For business, it shows that people want to hear from you and even get what you are offering them.

Your audience will have opened a channel of communication with you that you can use to send a message at any time of day. However, the challenge most people face is getting people to like their Facebook pages.

Create The Page

The most important part of getting likes is actually having the page. Although it might seem obvious, creating a Facebook page does not just mean putting content but establishing a foundation that your audience will look at.

After you have created it, you can now go to the ‘suggest to friends’ icon and show your friends what you have created. This is the first step of marketing your page.

Facebook Content

Get people excited through contests in your new page. Drawing new users means giving them a reason to like your page. The enticement of a big award that will be significant to your audience forms a no brainer for people to like the page instantly.

A like gated contest makes sure that no one can participate in the contest without liking your page. With the awesome prize ahead no one will consider liking a page a big deal.

Like Gated Coupons

Everyone likes a discount and free stuff. The reason most people always look for stuff to purchase in the internet is to find out which one of them offers a discount. Coupons are a great method of promoting your page.

For instance, you can start offering coupons to active subscribers; this will bring new people to like the page and stand chances to get the coupons too. You can even decide to offer prizes like eBooks that are hard to find elsewhere. As people struggle to win the prizes, they will like your page and you will get your audience.

Facebook Ads

A Facebook advert makes you focus on targeted people. If you target your audience well, they will definitely like your page. Choose an audience that has interest in whatever information you want to give. For example if your page is about video games then most likely you will target teenage boys.

The good thing about Facebook Ads is that they just appear when people are browsing. When you give a good incentive for visiting your page, then the person browsing will most probably not ignore the Ad.

Post Like Gated Videos

People are interested in what they cannot access at that time. When you create a challenge for the audience they will have the urge to know what is behind that page that is so hidden. However in doing so, ensure that the video is catch so that the person browsing will find liking the page top get worthwhile.

Celebrity gossip, behind the scenes activities and such like videos capture the attention of most face book users. Nowadays, it is easy for people to get videos almost everywhere. You need to make sure that you get the recent videos that haven’t been posted anywhere and they will storm your page.

Connect With Other Pages

The best way to learn how to get many likes is through people whose pages have thousand’s of likes. Connect with other Facebook pages admins to get them to post links to their subscribers.

Since they have already earned peoples trust it will be easier for them to influence people towards your page. If you have liked other pages, you can also post your pages link in the comment boxes for people to see.

If people have already liked your new page, then you need to capture their attention all the time. There is always an unlike button and you do not want them going there.

Always post original and captivating content to keep people coming for more. Engage them in discussions that are interesting and get them talking.

Now that you have your tips to create Facebook page that gets thousands of likes, go ahead and give it a try.

How To Find Affiliate Products To Sell Online


Looking for a way to make money online?

According to information that you read online, selling affiliate products is one of the most ideal and easy ways to start making money. The question is which business model to get started with and then how to promote it

You can choose from pay per click, pay per lead, and pay per sale. Much of what you read will point you toward selling through pay per click (PPC) and selling ebooks from Clickbank on major search engines, including Yahoo, Bing, and Google.

The main problem, however is that most people are selling the same product using the same marketing techniques, making it difficult for newcomers to join the market and start making money. Especially given that the amount of money spent on each technique may easily run into thousands.

Here is how to find affiliate products to sell online and make good money.

Choosing the best product to sell in an affiliate promotion is vital for various reasons.

Choose Relevant Products.

If your blogs pull an audience that is focused on a specific topic or demographic, you are very unlikely to sell products that lack significance to your blog’s title. The product quality can affect your brand in the long-run, and you are highly likely to hurt your brand if you sell low quality products.

Readers tend to remember the person from whom they heard about the products. So , your their trust of your blog and you in general will decrease or increase depending on what you propose to them.

Tips On Finding Affiliate Products To Sell Online

1. Do your research. The best way of doing this is to Google it. For instance, if you have a tactical equipment blog, search for “tactical equipment affiliate programs”. Type in your keyword in the search area and you may find products of significance to your blog.

2. Check out AdSense Ads. Most AdSense advertisements that appear together with Google search results, both on your blogs and other blogs, are most likely products with attached affiliate programs.

Do not click on the ads. However, checking out what they promote can show you all kinds of prospective affiliate associates. The same also applies to other forms of advertising.

3. Keep an eye on your competitor. Find out about the products that other people in your niche are promoting. Usually, a glance across the sidebar of a different, but successful blog within your niche to find out what products and/or services are being promoted will disclose affiliate products that you could also promote.

4. Search affiliate networks. This is also another good way of finding affiliate products to sell online. There are quite a number of affiliate networks that list various affiliate programs.

A majority of them have search functions that allow you to feed in the keywords and find other promotions related to your niche. Good examples of such kinds of affiliate networks include Commission Junction, Max Bounty, PepperJam Network, and Clickbank among others.

5. Online stores. Finally, consider checking through online stores, such as Amazon that come with affiliate programs.

Generally, they might not offer huge incentives; for instance, Amazon’s commission ranges from as high as 15% to as low as 4%, depending on the kind of product and the amount you sell it for. Nevertheless, these stores provide you with a huge variety of products and are a nice place to begin with while building traffic and finding other programs.

6. Join Adsense. If you are still unsure what affiliate products you want to promote join the Google Adsense affiliate program. This is an easy way to monetize any blog or website and make money in affiliate marketing.

Google sells the ads and use an algorithm to show relevant advertisers to the content you post online. When someone clicks on an ad you make money. Google recently revelaed they pay out 68% fo the revenue from a click back to the affiliate. Over time as you create more content online this can really ad up to a nice monthly income.

In conclusion, If you really want products that will provide you a steady flow of online income, you first need to know how to find affiliate products to sell online. Use the above tips to get started more easily.

5 Ways To Use Mobile Marketing To Grow An Online Business


In today’s society, cell phones and tablets have become influential in people’s day-to-day activities. Recent studies show the number of mobile devices is expected to outnumber the population of people.

This has led online entrepreneurs to develop ways to use mobile marketing to grow their business on the Internet. The portability of these devices enables people to ingest information anytime and wherever they are.

With the vast growing technology there is improvement in the technical use of these mobile devices. This implies that their usage and the rate of content consumption cannot diminish anytime soon. Therefore, prospective online business people should try and implement the following ideas in order to improve their mobile marketing.

1. Self test. Carry out a self-test on your mobile offerings. If you have a mobile page or application that has been designed for your online business, ensure that you have a look at it to make sure that everything is in order.

This is important because a slight problem in any stage of the process can cause users to be frustrated and take their businesses elsewhere. This will lead to incurring of losses which is not an objective of any business.

To prevent this therefore, it is always wise to take proper time to explore the mobile offerings to ensure that everything is working well. You are always advised to use family members or friends in the self-test process. In this case, the family members or friends will pose like customers. This will give a much clearer idea of how effective the mobile marketing process is.

2. Use of short message services. This type of messaging enables people to interact with your business more often.

Most potential mobile customers always spend time to text and so they will be more comfortable since you are engaging them in a platform which they are familiar with. Ensure that you subscribe to the various text sites in order to build your short messaging service marketing strategy quickly and effectively.

3. Hold contests. Provision of giveaways has always been considered a valid marketing tool to apply. Incorporation of this tool into mobile marketing strategy makes work easier.

An example of this contest is by asking your prospective customers to tweet photos of theirs wearing what you offer for a chance to win the products. This will greatly increase the popularity of your business and thus more and more people will be attracted to your business.

Be sure that you constantly post the list of winners and at the same time contest reminders. This will make the customers to always have your business in mind.

4. Mobile websites. Develop a simple website that can be accessed using mobile devices.

This is done by basically developing mobile-ready versions of sites by simply stripping down the sites to just accommodate basic information. In many cases however, a stripped-down version of the website you regularly use is probably not going to win you more mobile customers.

You therefore need to make sure that your mobile-version of your site offers the same type of information as your full site in a way that is compatible with the device they are using. Many customers today are more informed as far as technology is concerned.

This means that the mobile platform you use should be up to date. There is a lot of competition from other businesses that are already offering excellent mobile sites, meaning that you have to strive hard to probably deal with the competition.

5. Use podcast. Podcasting has been in use for a long time, and it is still regarded as an excellent way to get information out to people.

Compared to video, audio podcast gives your chain of users a great freedom of choosing when and how to listen to their mobile devices. Using their phones, customers are able to listen to it wherever they are ensuring that they get the information more often. This is also greatly influenced by the portability of these devices.

In conclusion once the above tips on how to use mobile marketing to grow an online business are implemented, an entrepreneur will soon realize the benefits of these ideas after incorporation. Nevertheless, one needs to be very selective about what they share in social media about his or her business. This is important so as not to offend customers in any way.

How To Make Money Online Using Podcasting, Video Marketing And Mobile Marketing


There are various ways through which an individual can make money online. The notable ways include the use of podcasts, YouTube video marketing and mobile marketing among others.

Online marketing is a field that continues gaining popularity as time goes by and it is important to report in this piece of art that it is soon replacing the trend of sitting in an office while concentrating on the analogue directives that the bosses give to their employees. Nevertheless, the evolution of online methods of making money has witnessed many workers relinquishing their lowly paying professional career to enter into this well paying job industry.

Therefore, to remain updated with the online making money tips, it is recommended that you scroll down this article in order to find some tips on how to make money online using podcasting, video marketing and mobile marketing.

Online Tips For Making Money Using Podcasting

Podcasting refers to the method where multimedia files are distributed through the internet by the use of Atom syndication formatting or RSS for playback either on personal computers or mobile devices or both. Such multimedia files may include music videos and audio programs.

Therefore, to succeed in this, first and foremost, you need to find audience. Having audience will give you an avenue for selling adverts. For instance, the networks will collect shows, classify and then sell through advertising on a software referred to as cost per thousand or cost per action.

Secondly, look for sponsors via the internet. Finding your own sponsors can equally help you generate a lot of money online. There are always hybrid advertising solutions that the media normally offer for the podcasters who intend to generate cash by selecting their sponsors, yet are still in dire need of ad network for filling the unsold inventories.

Another way of making money online through podcasting is by giving away some services freely and charging the rest. For instance, you can show a podcast on some tips weekly and at the same time make the viewers to pay others within a specified period of time. Believe this; you will be able to make god cash out of this. The list is very long.

Video Marketing As A Way Of Making Money Online

Research indicates that video marketing is outpacing numerous forms of internet marketing on yearly basis. It is prudent to admit the fact that you can generate a lot of revenue from videos through monetization methods.

You Tube method are one of the ways through which a person can make money online. What is required of you is simply capturing events in a video and then uploading online. This is always believed to be very rewarding financially.

Do you really have a video player in your website? If you don’t, this is the right time to have one. Having a video playing in your website for your clients is a way of making money in the internet. As a matter of fact, many clients will keep visiting your website in addition to getting enough entertainment.

Can you provide some link to any website that has monetizing avenues? If yes, you stand high chances of making good money via the internet. If you can link your video to other people, you will not only get money, but you will also be able to upgrade your search engine optimization.

How To Make Money Online Using Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing simply refers to the system where marketers use their mobile gadgets to market products. Everybody has the intention to make money either offline or online. Therefore, primarily, it is important to note that you can make money from anything. For instance, you can promote adult dating online to generate cash. However much online dating for the adults has become quite competitive, it can still be embraced by a number of people.

Through apps install, you can also make money online. What it takes is simply allowing a person to click your ad to order to be transferred to app store. You will instantly get paid.

Another mobile monetization tip that can earn you a better living online is pin submits. Here, you only need to enter phone number to receive text messages. When the person enters the provided pin, you will certainly get paid.

All in all in conclusion, online marketing can make you grow rich and wealthy within a very short time span. However, this is only possible if can demonstrate some level of commitment in this noble and lucrative industry. In the long run, the time you would have used while traveling a long distant in search of a well paying job would simply be culminated into something very positive at the end of the day.

How To Use Facebook To Build An Audience For Your Blog


Social networking sites have gained popularity in the last few years. Everywhere you go,whether in a public train, in a bus, in the offices, in the restaurants, you name it, you will likely find people busy scrolling through their phones, tablets or computers.

This is how social networking sites have kept people busy. Facebook is the biggest social networking site with a worldwide subscription. Thanks to its easy and user friendly interface, easy signing in process and popularity among people of all ages, it has become the social site to beat.

You can just do more than networking with friends on these sites. They offer an opportunity to help you turn your time into money. You can earn money by advertising your products or by directing potential customers to your business.

If you are not operating any of the traditional forms of businesses, you might as well get money online by starting a blog. Before you start, it is important to learn how to use Facebook to build an audience for your blog.

Since Facebook is indisputably the leading social networking site, you should consider taking advantage of its billions of subscribers to market your products and services. One good way to market your services or goods on the Internet is through a blog.

You could start a blog where you will engage your Facebook friends by posting quality content that will keep them visiting your blog daily. Consider hot topics such as those that deal with sex, business or politics.

You might even consider sports topics because there are many sports fans out there who use Facebook as a platform to drum support for their favorite teams. Once the blog is ready, traffic is its life. A blog without traffic is as good as not having one.

Through the blog, you can advertise other people’s products as well and earn a commission for any sales that arise from a link in your blog. This is what is otherwise called affiliate marketing.

However, getting the traffic is the real headache. If traffic was not an issue, almost everybody could be a blogger. Below are the various ways how you can use Facebook to build an audience for your blog.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is a feature that allows you to create a page and advertise it online. This is a premium service that lets people view your page even if they are not your friends or come from the same country as you.

When creating the Facebook Ad, you are the one who chooses your target audience in terms of geographic location, age and other factors. You will be required to pay for this service but if you start a serious blog and use the Ads for getting back links, within a very short time you will have built an audience for your blog that can sustain you without placing more Ads.

Friend Requests

One of the best method of promoting your blog using Facebook is by sending friend requests from your Facebook account. Better still, you might consider creating a page for the blog.

You will use the page to send requests, ask your friends to recommend the page for others and also update your friends. You can use the page to get links back to your site by posting a headline of the content you create on the blog with a link to it. Facebook friends should be able to get directed to your blog.

Facebook Likes

The Facebook Likes feature enables people to like a page or person on Facebook. You could promote your blog by creating Facebook Like button on it. The button will help friends not only like your blog but also invite their friends to like it.

One of the other things that your friends can do on Facebook is following your page. By following your page, they will be able to see all posts and updates you make. You will certainly get an opportunity to post content on Facebook with direct links to your blog.

You should also consider online forums which have important information on how you can use Facebook to build audience for your blog in order to get valuable tips as there might be changes from time to time.

List Building Starts With Opt-In Subscribers


With the growth of mobile marketing some Internet marketers have started to drift away from Internet marketing. In particular they are moving away from list building and email marketing.

I think this is a big mistake. As long as people use their desktop and laptop computers, or their tablets, to search for things email marketing will survive. It might even thrive in the coming years.

Here on our blog we focus on a target market of people who are looking for ways to make money, how to start an online business, and Internet marketing in general.

In this article I want to focus specifically on list building and how important it is to use the opt in method. This means that you’re not purchasing leads, getting co-registration leads, or anything of the sort.

What you are focusing on is providing a way for somebody to subscribe to your email list because they want to. There’s no trickery involved when you do list building this way.

Opt in list building is permission based. A subscriber types in their name and email address and knows you are going to send them emails.

Before I talk a little bit more about that consider why you still want to build your own opt in list. If you’re in the niche that I am in list building gives you an opportunity to sell Internet marketing products, sell affiliate marketing products, enroll new members in your network marketing opportunity, and so on.

The bottom line here is you want a list of people that are giving you permission to contact them. When you have this permission to a certain extent this is a license to print money. I’m not the first person to make this phrase up, as many successful Internet marketers have already stated this.

As your list grows you can begin to track results and know exactly what the value of each subscriber is. It’s a great feeling to know before hand approximate how much money you’re going to make before you even sent an email out.

So let’s go back to talking about list building and opting in!

One of the key factors in successful list building is a landing page. This is a webpage that you’re going to promote in place of your blog, or website home page.

What you want to do is spend a little bit of time searching around the Internet to see what makes up a really great landing page. Landing pages create the perception that you’re going to solve a problem for somebody, and you’re going to reward them if they give you their contact information.

This is a key point!

They are willing to give you their name and email address because they want the information you are offering. And when you add in the fact that you’re willing to throw in something of value for free, you increase the odds of somebody opting in to your list.

Another way that you can do list building with opt in subscribers is to add a sign-up form above the fold on the right-hand side of your blog. This means that this form is populated on every blog post you make which will help increase your subscriber rate as well.

One final method that does work is to have a exit pop-up version of your landing page. This gives people one last chance to opt in as they are exiting your website or blog.

Your goal should be to build as large an opt in e-mail list as you possibly can. Again keep in mind how valuable a subscriber can be to you.

The more subscribers you have, the more potential income they can bring to you. Email subscribers can also create viral marketing for you and refer new subscribers, and this begins to create a snowball effect.

Beyond income another great reason to build an opt in list is the ability to drive traffic back to your blog from emails you send out. This is simply done by publishing a mini version of a blog post in an email sent out to your list.

You’ve probably seen this done on an email list that you subscribe to. You include the first couple of paragraphs, or sentences of your blog post, with a link that people can click on to read the rest of the post.

If your traffic numbers are down, or if you’ve added some really valuable content, it’s nice to be able to increase exposure for that by sending a link to your email list.

One other thing that you’re starting to see Internet marketers come back to is ezine publishing. Ezine is short for electronic magazine and was very popular years ago.

Publishing an eNewsletter was a great way to deliver valuable information and sell at the same time. You can really take advantage of that when you have a large list of opt in subscribers who look forward to reading what you are sending out to them.

In summary all of the great reasons to do list building and email marketing starts with getting as many opt in subscribers as you possible can. This is a great place to focus your Internet marketing efforts.