Tips To Create Facebook Pages That Get Thousands Of Likes


It is important for you to learn tips to create Facebook page that gets thousands of likes. Having thousands of likes is the dream of any Facebook page owner.

In a Facebook page, a like is not just an icon but a symbol of real people having interest in what you are showing them. For business, it shows that people want to hear from you and even get what you are offering them.

Your audience will have opened a channel of communication with you that you can use to send a message at any time of day. However, the challenge most people face is getting people to like their Facebook pages.

Create The Page

The most important part of getting likes is actually having the page. Although it might seem obvious, creating a Facebook page does not just mean putting content but establishing a foundation that your audience will look at.

After you have created it, you can now go to the ‘suggest to friends’ icon and show your friends what you have created. This is the first step of marketing your page.

Facebook Content

Get people excited through contests in your new page. Drawing new users means giving them a reason to like your page. The enticement of a big award that will be significant to your audience forms a no brainer for people to like the page instantly.

A like gated contest makes sure that no one can participate in the contest without liking your page. With the awesome prize ahead no one will consider liking a page a big deal.

Like Gated Coupons

Everyone likes a discount and free stuff. The reason most people always look for stuff to purchase in the internet is to find out which one of them offers a discount. Coupons are a great method of promoting your page.

For instance, you can start offering coupons to active subscribers; this will bring new people to like the page and stand chances to get the coupons too. You can even decide to offer prizes like eBooks that are hard to find elsewhere. As people struggle to win the prizes, they will like your page and you will get your audience.

Facebook Ads

A Facebook advert makes you focus on targeted people. If you target your audience well, they will definitely like your page. Choose an audience that has interest in whatever information you want to give. For example if your page is about video games then most likely you will target teenage boys.

The good thing about Facebook Ads is that they just appear when people are browsing. When you give a good incentive for visiting your page, then the person browsing will most probably not ignore the Ad.

Post Like Gated Videos

People are interested in what they cannot access at that time. When you create a challenge for the audience they will have the urge to know what is behind that page that is so hidden. However in doing so, ensure that the video is catch so that the person browsing will find liking the page top get worthwhile.

Celebrity gossip, behind the scenes activities and such like videos capture the attention of most face book users. Nowadays, it is easy for people to get videos almost everywhere. You need to make sure that you get the recent videos that haven’t been posted anywhere and they will storm your page.

Connect With Other Pages

The best way to learn how to get many likes is through people whose pages have thousand’s of likes. Connect with other Facebook pages admins to get them to post links to their subscribers.

Since they have already earned peoples trust it will be easier for them to influence people towards your page. If you have liked other pages, you can also post your pages link in the comment boxes for people to see.

If people have already liked your new page, then you need to capture their attention all the time. There is always an unlike button and you do not want them going there.

Always post original and captivating content to keep people coming for more. Engage them in discussions that are interesting and get them talking.

Now that you have your tips to create Facebook page that gets thousands of likes, go ahead and give it a try.

How To Find Affiliate Products To Sell Online


Looking for a way to make money online?

According to information that you read online, selling affiliate products is one of the most ideal and easy ways to start making money. The question is which business model to get started with and then how to promote it

You can choose from pay per click, pay per lead, and pay per sale. Much of what you read will point you toward selling through pay per click (PPC) and selling ebooks from Clickbank on major search engines, including Yahoo, Bing, and Google.

The main problem, however is that most people are selling the same product using the same marketing techniques, making it difficult for newcomers to join the market and start making money. Especially given that the amount of money spent on each technique may easily run into thousands.

Here is how to find affiliate products to sell online and make good money.

Choosing the best product to sell in an affiliate promotion is vital for various reasons.

Choose Relevant Products.

If your blogs pull an audience that is focused on a specific topic or demographic, you are very unlikely to sell products that lack significance to your blog’s title. The product quality can affect your brand in the long-run, and you are highly likely to hurt your brand if you sell low quality products.

Readers tend to remember the person from whom they heard about the products. So , your their trust of your blog and you in general will decrease or increase depending on what you propose to them.

Tips On Finding Affiliate Products To Sell Online

1. Do your research. The best way of doing this is to Google it. For instance, if you have a tactical equipment blog, search for “tactical equipment affiliate programs”. Type in your keyword in the search area and you may find products of significance to your blog.

2. Check out AdSense Ads. Most AdSense advertisements that appear together with Google search results, both on your blogs and other blogs, are most likely products with attached affiliate programs.

Do not click on the ads. However, checking out what they promote can show you all kinds of prospective affiliate associates. The same also applies to other forms of advertising.

3. Keep an eye on your competitor. Find out about the products that other people in your niche are promoting. Usually, a glance across the sidebar of a different, but successful blog within your niche to find out what products and/or services are being promoted will disclose affiliate products that you could also promote.

4. Search affiliate networks. This is also another good way of finding affiliate products to sell online. There are quite a number of affiliate networks that list various affiliate programs.

A majority of them have search functions that allow you to feed in the keywords and find other promotions related to your niche. Good examples of such kinds of affiliate networks include Commission Junction, Max Bounty, PepperJam Network, and Clickbank among others.

5. Online stores. Finally, consider checking through online stores, such as Amazon that come with affiliate programs.

Generally, they might not offer huge incentives; for instance, Amazon’s commission ranges from as high as 15% to as low as 4%, depending on the kind of product and the amount you sell it for. Nevertheless, these stores provide you with a huge variety of products and are a nice place to begin with while building traffic and finding other programs.

6. Join Adsense. If you are still unsure what affiliate products you want to promote join the Google Adsense affiliate program. This is an easy way to monetize any blog or website and make money in affiliate marketing.

Google sells the ads and use an algorithm to show relevant advertisers to the content you post online. When someone clicks on an ad you make money. Google recently revelaed they pay out 68% fo the revenue from a click back to the affiliate. Over time as you create more content online this can really ad up to a nice monthly income.

In conclusion, If you really want products that will provide you a steady flow of online income, you first need to know how to find affiliate products to sell online. Use the above tips to get started more easily.

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