How To Start Your Own Online Business


Those of us who have been doing Internet marketing for awhile forget that millions of people have no idea how to start an online business. For millions more the answer to how to make money online with an Internet business remains elusive.

This can lead people to jump on the Internet marketing bandwagon of a program that is currently hot, even if it is not right for them. If you do not know what you’re looking for you can end up wasting time and money. If you’ve already spent a lot of time and money trying to find the right program, you might waste even more hoping that you really can believe the promises you are reading.

Let’s slow down and consider a few basic questions.

1. Is it expensive to start an online business? This is going to be relative to the amount of money you have to invest. An Internet business is generally less expensive to start than an offline business such as buying a franchise or opening a retail outlet.

There are free Internet home businesses you can start right now online. There are businesses that take a little bit of money, or even a few that might take a few thousand dollars to get started.

Because you are starting a business it is reasonable to expect that you will spend some money. A business is different than working online doing things such as taking paid surveys or typing at home.

At the very least you are going to need to purchase a domain name and set up hosting for your blog. A domain name runs around $15 a year and hosting runs around $10 a month.

There are ways you can start an online business of your own in business models such as affiliate marketing or network marketing that do not cost much to join.

2. How fast can you earn money? It is actually possible to be a profit mode the first day you open your business.

Again looking at business models such as affiliate marketing or network marketing, products, training, and marketing materials are provided for you. Your job is to develop your own personal blog and drive traffic to it.

Your visitors will then be able to click on banners or links to products you are selling. You might even be promoting business opportunity they can join and you can do that on your blog.

You can also refer offline people to your new online site. Again the more visitors you have coming to your site the faster you will earn money.

3. What is the best way to promote online? Think of Internet marketing promotion in two ways. You’re going to be using a combination of free and paid advertising methods.

The majority of your time will be spent on getting website visitors and doing these advertising methods. With your blog you will create content and promote it in various ways including social networking. You can use a service such as Only Wire to do this.

Paid advertising can include per click advertising with Google Adwords, Yahoo/Bing marketing, or Facebook Ads. You can also do email marketing using email solo ads as a strategy.

Free advertising is where you’ll invest a little bit of your time as opposed to your dollars. Proven free advertising strategies include forum marketing, video marketing, and article marketing.

4. How do I get started? In the previous questions we’ve attempted to give you some of the basics of starting an Internet business. Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

The fastest way to start an online business is to join an existing business opportunity. This provides the advantages of everything you need to get started already in place.

There are numerous of ways to make money in affiliate marketing doing this. You can get into direct sales via network marketing business opportunities and hit the ground running.

A good rule of thumb is to look at getting into a market that you already have an interest in. Perhaps there are products you have used in the past you might be interested in selling.

Think in terms of niche marketing. Targeting a specific niche gives you the advantage of limiting your competition to a certain extent.

You can find affiliate products to sell in virtually every niche. There are literally thousands of direct sales companies that have products in multiple niches as well. Direct Selling 411 is a good source for finding opportunities.

One of the tips we can offer you is to join the Warrior Forum. Take a look at what hundreds of thousands of Internet marketers are doing to make money online by checking out existing members.

This can be very helpful if you still do not really know how to start your own online business. Chances are if you spend a little bit of time researching online the answers will become more clear to you.

Why Is The Internet Marketing Failure Rate So High?


The Internet marketing failure rate continues to be high. I saw this discussed recently in a thread on the Warrior Forum. This leads to a good discussion and some food for thought.

Think about this. If the unemployment rate is basically staying high where are people turning to try to make their money? A high percentage of these people are coming online and attempting to make money doing Internet marketing.

This creates a problem however for most people because even though they have the need to make more money, they do not have the skills to make that happen. This is the primary cause for the high failure rate doing Internet marketing.

It takes skills to promote something online, and most people either do not have the patience to learn how to do this, or they do not have the money to invest to get the education they need. Go back and reread that sentence again.

I think many people who get into Internet marketing do so because they have a real need to make more money. If unemployment is high because there aren’t as many jobs as there should be, you have to go somewhere to make your money.

Internet marketing is a likely source because everybody has a computer or smartphone with an Internet connection. It’s very easy to sit down and type in the words “make money online”, or “earn money at home”, and so on. You are going to be met with millions of results to start checking out.

I’m not just pulling these keyword phrases out of the air. Millions of searches are done every day just on Google alone for a number of keyword phrases relating to the basic theme of making money on the Internet, or earning money from home.

Certainly variations of this could include start a home business, home-based business, work at home, easy ways to make money, and literally millions of variations. When you continue your research are going to end up on various websites and blogs that basically tell you how easy it is to make money with the way they are promoting.

If you’re desperate enough, or have a large enough need to make money, you’re willing to believe just about anything. Especially if there is a low barrier to entry.

What I mean by that is you can get started with very little money up front. Starting to do Internet marketing does not take an investment of thousands of dollars like purchasing a business, or starting a franchise would.

This still leads back to the basic problem of where are you going to get the skills you need, and are you willing to invest the time that it will take you to become adept at Internet marketing!

If not, you’re going to become another statistic just like millions of people who’ve gone before you have. You will contribute to the high failure rate of Internet marketing, and you will have failed to address the basic need of making more money.

What’s a better solution for this?

A better solution is to become educated and trained on how to do Internet marketing before you jump into a business opportunity. Not only is this going to save you some money, but it’s going to save you a lot of time and suffering going through trial and error.

Plus, as you become educated on doing Internet marketing you’re going to come across some real good opportunities to make money online. You will be more qualified to recognize these opportunities because you know what you’re looking at.

You’re also going to see that there are some real poor opportunities when you peel back the professional copywriting that they are layered with. A professional copywriter can make something sound really good, but that does not make it a good opportunity for you to make money as an Internet marketer with.

You’re also going to begin to zero in on what are some good niches to get started in. You may even be able to identify something that you have a specific interest in and that’s a good way to get started making money online.

Combining your passion for something with a product you can sell is a good 1-2 combination. You can then begin to do the things you need to do such as build a website, monetize your site, set up a blog, build an email list, and so on.

There is a lot that goes into successful Internet marketing. If you get off on the right foot by becoming educated and skillful before spending a lot of time and money you have a better chance of succeeding!

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?


In this article we are going to discuss how affiliate marketing works when done correctly and how it does not work so well when done incorrectly. Like anything in life there is a right way and wrong way to go about making money as an affiliate marketer.

Given the choice of success or failure you would think more people would choose success. Yet they continue to make the same affiliate marketing mistakes until they finally just give up. Another affiliate marketing dream killed, when that does not have to be the case!

1. Joining to many affiliate programs. If you are already in affiliate marketing programs take a minute and count how many you have joined. If you’re just getting started in affiliate marketing I am going to save you some time.

The problem with joining too many affiliate programs is most affiliate marketers never earn any money in any of them. This problem can be traced to the fact that it is so easy to join affiliate programs. Plus they are free or inexpensive to join, so people spend more time joining them then they actually spend on sales and marketing.

2. Make money niche. There is something about this niche that tends to attract affiliate marketers who think they are the experts.

The problem is if you make one sale you are not an expert. It’s only natural that we want to share our success, but this is a very crowded niche to be in.

You are better off to really become successful in other niches with less competition. Someday if you want to get into the make money online niche you can, but that’s something to consider further down the road.

3. Choose a good niche. This is not as hard as it sounds, but really can make a big difference in whether you are successful at making affiliate marketing or not.

A good niche is one where there is a need, an interest, and a desire. When you think about it this way you’re going to start to realize there are literally thousands of niches you can get started in.

You want to choose a very narrow niche. An example of this could be “how to stop sweating”. I read once about an Internet marketer who sold a click bank ebook, and earned a six figure income just promoting to this targeted market.

Often times a good niche to be in is one that solves a problem. People are more likely to spend money on a solution that solves a real problem they are having.

For the fun of it sometime just sit down and start writing out every possible problem you can think of. This could be anything from health problems, to home improvements. The possibilities are endless.

4. Build your own blog. Affiliate marketing works best when you’re not directly promoting the sales page provided by the affiliate merchant.

This is the case for multiple reasons. For starters, if you’re promoting the same sales page as everybody else you do not have the opportunity to personalize what you are selling.

If you have your own blog you can personalize it anyway you want. This includes pre-selling your affiliate offers and products based on your personal experience.

Having your own blog also gives you the opportunity to rank on the search engines. Search engines are not going to rank replicated affiliate websites.

Another thing is you can build your own list when you have your own blog. You can set up a landing page, or a sign-up form right on your blog sidebar.

Affiliate marketing works best when you’re driving traffic to your own blog, and converting some of them into email subscribers for future follow up. You cannot do this properly when you’re using the replicated affiliate website.

5. Find products you believe in. Many affiliates never use the products they are trying to promote.

It’s really easy to write blog articles about something that you have used personally. You can also put your own personal stamp of approval on it when you believe in the product you’re selling.

Think about what customers are doing when they’re searching for information on a problem they need a solution for. These are the kind of blog articles you can write, because you are offering a testimonial that is believable.

6. Focus on one. If you find one product or service you really believe in that’s what you should spend the majority of your time promoting.

Build that into as large of an Internet income as you need before adding a second affiliate offer. When you do this you will avoid the mistake of jumping around that so many affiliate marketers make.

These are some tips on how affiliate marketing works when done correctly. It’s still a fantastic business model to make money in if you approach it the right way!

Can You Handle The Internet Business Truth?


In the excellent movie “A Few Good Men’ Jack Nicholson utters the great line “you can’t handle the truth” which was voted the twenty-ninth greatest American film quote of all time. Evidently many Internet marketers feel the same way about people starting their own Internet business.

If you spend any time searching the Internet for business opportunities you may come away with the idea that it is very easy to make money online. Sometimes it seems people are becoming millionaires on the Internet sitting around in their underwear working 2 hours a day, and golfing or going to the beach the rest of the time.


Can you handle the truth? Here are some key points to understand.

1. You will get rich for free. One thing that you find on a lot of sales pages is join for free and start making money right away.

Think about the very statement you are reading. If everything is free how does anyone make money?

Expect to invest some money getting your Internet business off the ground. If you’re looking for free opportunities find a couple of get paid to programs and start taking surveys or typing data.

2. It’s easy! After reading professional sales copy you are probably under the impression that anyone can start making a five or six figure income. It’s really easy to do and doesn’t take much work.

Take a look at successful people in any field. You are going to find people who work extremely hard to get where they are at. If you peel the layers off of successful Internet marketers you will find people who have invested a lot of time and money to get where they’re at as well.

3. You do not need skills. This is another thing that just isn’t true. It’s impossible to build a successful Internet business without developing online marketing skills.

Even if you outsource 100% of your business you at least need the skill of finding professional people to outsource too. This is a skill in itself. Plus it takes money to pay your workers and that is just the plain truth!

4. No selling required. There are affiliate marketing business models where you get paid by the click. We call the ppc affiliate programs. You can get paid by the lead. We call these cost per action programs or CPA affiliate marketing.

This is still a form of selling. Although no money actually changes hands, you still have to sell the person on clicking on an ad or filling out a lead form.

This kind of gets back to skills. If you’re promoting an affiliate product or service you have to get traffic to your website or blog. That or at least to your affiliate sales page and that will take some selling or money as well.

5. Email marketing doesn’t work anymore. As long as people check their email there’s an opportunity to make money sending emails to them.

You should plan on spending a certain amount of time and money building your email list. This will be done through landing pages or splash pages as they are sometimes referred to.

You also want to put sign-up forms on your blog pages and make it easy for people to join your mailing list. Email marketing definitely works today if you have people mail to, and that takes building a list of subscribers.

6. Focus is really needed. One definite problem that new Internet marketers run into is lack of focus.

This is especially true in the initial stages of trying to find an Internet business opportunity to get involved with. It seems like just when you find the perfect opportunity to start working at, something else better comes along that seems like you should be switching over and joining it.

This starts a process of joining, working, switching, and repeating. The plain truth is that if you cannot make money with one business opportunity, chances are you will never make money with any business opportunities on the Internet.

The problem isn’t that you’re bad at choosing business opportunities, the problem is you’re bad at sticking with one!

I’m all in favor of rinsing and repeating, but only after you’ve achieved success in one opportunity. Once you begin to get traffic to your website, and convert that into customers, you can begin to run your business on autopilot.

That is when you have the opportunity to start a new Internet business. You already know what is working, so you can just repeat the same steps with your new business.

When you become adept at building your email list, this really helps automate each individual Internet business. But again don’t even attempt to do this until you the least build a success system and are successful in one business opportunity.

This is the truth as I see it as it relates to Internet businesses today!

About Your Blog Internet Marketing Campaign


One way to approach marketing on the Internet is to set up an blog Internet marketing campaign. The idea is to view how you are promoting from a long term view point. Instead of making it up as you go you actually know what you are doing tomorrow, next week, and even next month.

Of course your primary goal with Internet marketing is to increase the amount of traffic you are getting to your blog. This means that you’re not only considering where you are going to promote, but you also have a good idea of the type of content you’re going to use to accomplish that.

Blogging is great for increasing traffic, developing your brand, pre-selling your affiliate offers, and just developing an overall awareness of your online business. What you’re looking to do in these various ways is catch the attention of prospects and prospective readers in as many ways as possible.

A blog marketing campaign can be perfect for this, but you need to know who you’re talking to and what your message is going to be. With that in mind let’s consider a few things that will go into setting up a successful blog Internet marketing campaign.

1. Target market. If you have a blog that teaches people how to make money on the Internet you don’t want to target a market of readers that are interested in niches such as fishing, cooking, gardening, and so on.

Take a little bit of time and define exactly the type of person you are going to be talking to. Analyze what’s going on in this market so that you can create your campaign specifically for them.

2. Niche down. One mistake people make is they attempt to have to broad of a blog marketing campaign.

This can be confusing to the people you’re trying to target and ultimately they may not even bother to come to your blog and check it out. An example of targeting a specific niche in Internet marketing might be focusing just on affiliate marketing as opposed to making money online in general.

3. Market in multiple ways. Although you’re targeting a specific niche the way you do that should be broad in nature.

Things to keep in mind include search engine optimization, social networking, social bookmarking, video marketing, email marketing, pay per click advertising, and other forms of paid advertising.

This may be something that you scale up as your business becomes profitable. Your goal should be to reach as many people as you possibly can, and do it in as many ways as is feasible both in time and money.

4. Outsource. One of the great things about the Internet is how you can hire people to do things for you that either you do not have enough time to do, or you do not know how to do.

In the past this would be very expensive and would eliminate most people from even attempting to do it. Today thanks to sites such as Fiverr, oDesk, and Easy Outsource you can find people to do tasks at an affordable rate. This will help you develop your blog marketing campaign faster.

5. Be patient. One of the biggest problems with inexperienced Internet marketers is they do not have reasonable expectations in the time frame it takes to begin to get the results on the Internet.

Consider this if you’re just getting started. There are blogs in the niche you are looking at that could be 5, 10, or even 15 years old.

They have a big head start in terms of exposure, backlinks, and an established email list, and so on. You can actually use this to your advantage doing things like email solo ads to their list and making blog comments on their blog with a link back to yours.

Don’t expect to hit you or primary goals on the first day, or even in the first week or month. As long as you are moving your campaign forward you can always scale up to get more results if you are profitable..

6. Monetize. In the previous five things we talked primarily about identifying your market, and working towards getting more traffic. The ultimate end game for bloggers in this scenario is to make money. One of the best ways to do that is through affiliate marketing.

Blogging makes this easy to do by adding banners on your blog, and in the individual blog posts. You can also set up landing pages, or text links leading to a landing page, to build your email list and sell your products to them.

These are several things to keep in mind when setting up your blog Internet marketing campaign. Blogging continues to be the leading way that Internet marketers promote online today.

Whether you’re going to focus primarily on information, or set up an e-commerce site, a blog is a good way to do that. Just make sure you have a planned out campaign for driving traffic and monetizing it in ways that you are profitable.

Content Marketing, Blogging, And Affiliate Marketing Really Go Well Together


The Internet thrives on fresh content. Affiliate marketing works best when the affiliate marketer is promoting their offers in the form of content.

Here are some ideas on how to do that.

The best way to blend affiliate marketing and content marketing is through pre-selling. This is not a new idea and has been talked about almost since the beginning of affiliate marketing almost 20 years ago.

Affiliate marketing is Internet marketing where an affiliate merchant has an offer they want promoted, and they’re willing to pay an affiliate marketer to do it.

The merchant provides the marketing materials for the affiliate to get started with. They also provide the offers which can include products to sell, cost per action offers, or pay per click offers.

The primary problem with affiliate marketing has been the question of what is the best way to promote these offers? As an affiliate you are promoting the exact same offer, and generally using the same marketing materials, as the other hundreds or even thousands of affiliates you’re competing against.

It doesn’t really matter what niche you’re in either. Certainly some niches are less competitive than others, but every affiliate is working with the same tools and products.

The way to get around this is to customize your affiliate marketing promotions through content marketing. This is why blogs are so popular today.

Blogging works best when the blogger is creating new content and adding it to their blog. How do they do that?

1. Articles. You can write blog articles and post them on them on your blog. These could be anything from short snippet articles of a 100-200 words, all the way to longer articles of 500 to a thousand words.

From an affiliate marketing standpoint this is great because it gives you the opportunity to pre-sell your affiliate offers. It also gives you the chance to create content and link to your affiliate offers in the text of the article.

2. Videos. Create videos and publish them on You Tube and other shared video sites like Vimeo and Daily Motion. Then take the video embed code and post it on your blog to create fresh content.

This instantly gives your blog more professionalism. It’s also way to create additional content outside of just writing articles.

You can add text before and after the article and in that link to your affiliate offers as well. You can also link to your affiliate offers in the description box of the video when you post it on You Tube and the other shared video sites.

3. Graphics. Pinterest is one of the hottest websites on the Internet right now. This is a shared graphic site where you pin pictures. Link back to your blog in the description box of the picture you pin.

Add graphics to your blog to create memorable content. The graphics might actually be the content, or something you add to your articles or videos to liven them up even more.

Over time your blog will begin to take on a life of its own. Think about what you’re really doing here.

You are creating a long-term asset on the World Wide Web. There are ways that you can expand on this even more.

For example, you can bookmark your blog posts into social directories. There are literally hundreds of these you can get your blog into a help drive traffic back to it.

Popular social directories include Reddit, Stumbleupon, and Digg. You can reach multiple directories through bookmarking services such as Social Marker and Only Wire.

Search engines spider the social directories every day. The large search engines such as Google picks up on a link back to your blog that likes.

It could rank your blog post in its organic search engine rankings. These can stay there for several years giving you free traffic over and over.

The same thing is true with the social directories. The links always stay alive and you never know what somebody’s going to click on that and end up on your blog.

Just from one piece of content you’ve created all kinds of potential free advertising or your blog. From an affiliate marketing standpoint you’re doing something different than many other affiliates are doing.

This can lead to potential readers that act on the required action from the affiliate merchant. Again this could be anything from purchasing a product, filling out a lead form, or clicking on an ad. There are many ways to make money doing affiliate marketing.

These are all ways that content marketing with blogging and affiliate marketing work so well together.

Starting An Internet Marketing Campaign? Read This First!


Starting an Internet marketing campaign can be both exciting and nerve racking at the same time depending on your level of experience. Marketing on the Internet is an excellent way to increase customers, inform prospects, and just plain get more traffic to your website or blog.

An Internet marketing campaign can be expensive both in time and money if you’re not properly prepared. However, when done correctly it’s an excellent tool that every business both offline and online should be using.

One important point to keep in mind is that you must go into setting up your Internet marketing campaign with a proper mindset. That’s what we want to talk about in this article.

Here are a list of tips that can help you zero in on exactly what you are trying to accomplish, and how to go about doing that.

1. What is your mission? What exactly are you trying to accomplish with your Internet marketing campaign? It’s a good idea to sit down and write out a few specific goals.

Some of the things you need to think about include are you trying to get more website visitors, are you trying to establish your brand, or is the bottom line you just want to make more sales. Having a clear understanding of this in your mind before you get started will help you in the following steps.

2. What is your message? It’s extremely important that you understand what your message is so that you can get that across to your prospects in the Internet marketing you’re going to be doing.

When someone sees your marketing message are they going to have a clear understanding of what your message is? For example, are you focusing on the product and its features and benefits?

Is your focus towards people who are already in the buying mode and you’re just trying to let them know about the amount of money they can save doing business with you? Perhaps you are promoting something that’s unique in the marketplace and you want to focus on that as your message.

Your message should be very clear to your prospect. You want to do this in a concise and focused way.

3. Who is your target market? Before you start your Internet marketing campaign be sure you understand exactly who you are talking to.

This means delving into the target market and understanding their personality characteristics. When you do this you can see zero your message in on exactly what are their needs, interests, and desires.

4. Where are you advertising? Today Internet marketing really starts with social media. This can mean different things depending on the type of advertising you will be doing.

The great thing about social media is you can target your message to a specific audience using Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, SEO, Pinterest, Instagram and so on.

The other thing to consider is whether you’re going to be doing paid advertising or free advertising. Free advertising might include outsourcing social media including getting more Facebook likes, or tweeting on Twitter.

Paid advertising might include pay per click ads on Google or Facebook. There is such a wide range of potential advertising methods you could be using that you want to establish what you are going to be doing initially in your campaign.

5. How much are you willing to spend? It’s basic business that you should have a clear budget in mind that you want to start out with. It’s important that you’re willing to monitor this very closely initially.

There are many horror stories of businesses who have spent $1000 in less than 24 hours on Google Ads because they really didn’t understand how ppc advertising worked.

As a general rule you should start small and then scale after you’ve proven your results. Be sure you have proper tracking methods in place so you know where your traffic is coming from and how much it’s costing you.

Starting an Internet marketing campaign is just the first step of what should be a long profitable relationship between your business and the Internet. If you are an offline business coming online this is a different approach than something you’ve done in the past.

If you are a new online business, you do have a learning curve ahead of you, but it is something that anybody can learn how to do. Be willing to invest a little bit of money in Internet marketing education and that can save you a lot of money in the long run.

10 Internet Advertising Tips Worth Knowing


Whether you are selling a product or service online there are Internet advertising tips you should keep in mind. These tips can help guide you in establishing a robust online business.

Without a good online advertising strategy no business can succeed. Part of this will happen through trial and error, but you can develop an attitude in how you market online and deal with website visitors and customers.

Here are 10 tips that will help you to succeed to internet advertising.

1. Make benefits to your customer easily recognizable. As marketers we tend to focus on features, but customers buy based on benefits.

Make sure that your product or service focuses on the benefits to your customer. If you promote a feature tie it back to a benefit.

2. Specialize. Do not try to be everything to everybody. You need to realize that you cannot offer all the products or services in the world.

Your customers will appreciate you more if you specialize in a one product or service. They will be happier to identify your business with one product or service. This is known as niche marketing and is really the best way to advertise online today.

3. Get referrals. Word of mouth is a cheap and effective way of doing internet advertising long term. You can double or even triple your clients by getting your old clients to refer their friends to your business.

Having said that you need to understand that we are talking about marketing in ways that go beyond doing pay per click advertising or running email solo ads.

Word of mouth advertising is really viral marketing when you stop and think about it. You can not stop it once it gets started. Of course there are things you should be doing that involve both free and paid advertising and can lead to viral marketing.

4. Market your internet company online. There are many ways in which you can market your company online. For example, you can use your emails to advertise your business by adding a link at the end of the email. The receiver of the email will click on the link and get know about your services.

5. Help your customers buy from you. You need to help customers who visit your website to buy from you. Make buying your products easy enough for the customer once their decision is reached.

Make the customer fall in love with your site. This will encourage the customer to come back again and again.

6. Partner with other companies. Find other online companies that offer related products or services and partner with them. In this partnership, you will promote their products along with yours. This will give your customers a wide choice.

This is a great way of generating traffic. Plus they can end up promoting you and your products as well. Many joint ventures have come from this approach to marketing on the Internet.

7. Offer a strong guarantee. Clients need a strong guarantee that buying your product will not result in lost money if they are not satisfied.

They are more willing to give your products or services a try if there is no risk. This will drive more customers to your site in the form of referrals when people trust you to do more then just make a sale and forget about them.

8. Be personal. You want to create that personal touch with your customers. If possible speak to your customers directly.

When you write something try to do it as if you are face to face with the client. Customers love the personal feel and will be more attracted to sites that create that atmosphere.

Create videos that are personal as well. Make these warm and fuzzy so your prospective customers feel good whether they buy or not. Use a service such as Animoto to easily create your videos or hire someone to do it for you at sites such as Fiverr.

9. Create publicity. Utilize every chance to publicize your business. You can create something unique on the internet that will draw more visitors to your site.

For example, an educative article will make more people visit your site your site to learn more about it. Posting in a discussion forum can do that as well. So will posting comments on other people’s blogs.

10. Stay on top of your market. You need to be familiar with internet advertising trends as they relate to the market you are in. If there are changes that need to be done to your marketing strategy make sure they are done immediately.

Millions of words have been written about Internet advertising in the past. Hopefully I have been able to give you some tips to keep in mind and work with to improve your own marketing online in the future.

Are You Doing Social Media Marketing In This Way?


Just what is social media marketing?

“Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. Social media marketing programs usually center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks.”

The first sentence really says a lot. As with any type of marketing you’re trying to get attention to a website through social media methods.

I have a blog here and that’s a form of social media marketing in itself. When I promote my blog I’m doing social media marketing, and I might be doing that in other forms of social media as well.

For example, you are going to find videos on people’s blogs. Social video marketing is a form of social media marketing.

It only makes sense that anybody promoting on the Internet would want to have video marketing in their arsenal, and they would want to do it on You Tube.


You Tube is a video search engine. It gets over one billion visitors a month which ranks it as the third most visited website online behind Google and Facebook.

Did you know Google owned You Tube?

Back in 2006 they saw a growing trend towards getting videos online and they purchased You Tube as a business opportunity. You seen ads pop up on videos, and when people click on these ads Google bills the advertiser.

That’s one way you can be involved in social media marketing with both Google and You Tube. You can purchase ads and pay for them by the click.

However, that could cost a lot of money, and depending on your budget you might want to look at another way to do social media marketing with videos and You Tube.

Let me give you an example.

You create a video on a specific subject and you target a keyword phrase in the title and in the description of the video. You want the video to be informational. Also you don’t want it to be too long which is actually to your benefit because you don’t want to spend a lot of time creating a long video anyway.

An easy way to do this is to use a slide series service such as Animoto that you can combine music, graphics, and text to create your videos very easily. You can also upload these videos with one click directly into You Tube.

It doesn’t cost anything to set up a channel on you tube. This is something you’re going to want to do and then upload your videos directly into that channel. An example of these styles of videos can be found on the Hands Off You Tube Channel.

Now let’s take this one step further and show how you can expand your videos from You Tube to do even more social media marketing.

Take the embed code and post it on your blog. Introduce the blog with some of the text from the video.

Title your blog post around the title of the video and publish it. You’ve now provided useful information in the form of a video and you’ve added some life to your blog.

Don’t stop there!

Get your blog post out of the marketplace where people can find it using a bookmarking service such as Only Wire. You will need to spend a little bit of time joining between 20 and 40 social directories, but this is time well spent.

Here’s the reason why.

You are now going to do some deep linking for your blog post and for the video itself. Google loves this because as we’ve already noted they own You Tube. You are now promoting videos beyond just their video search engine and your blog.

From a marketing standpoint you’re really helping yourself because you potentially can drive traffic from bookmarking your blog post back to your blog. You’re providing something with a little more variety to it in the form of a video which helps enhance your own blogging credibility.

If you want to take this even one step further you can go to the various directories, find your blog post link on them, and come back and hyperlink those in your next blog post. You’re creating a backlink back to your bookmarked link on their site which increases the value of your own link.

Social media marketing using blogging and video marketing is a match made in heaven for Internet marketers who take the time to do it correctly. I would go so far as to say that you’re better to cut back on the number of blog posts you make, and spend a little bit more time marketing them.

If all of this seems like too much work you can certainly outsource some or all of the steps. There are many good sources for this including Fiverr where people will do any of these tasks for $5.

Traffic Generation: How Many Sources Do You Need?


First of all let me say that the best thing you can do is try a handful of ways to get traffic to your blog and see what you like to do and what works for you. As you develop your online business you are going to branch out and get your traffic in multiple ways.

Some people will make the argument that you are better off becoming an expert on one or two forms of traffic generation than you are to try to tackle multiple traffic sources. There is certainly nothing wrong with this if you’re getting an adequate amount of traffic and you are satisfied with the results.

My only point is that you won’t really know what are the best traffic generation strategies for you if you don’t try a few. Of course there are several things you’re going to need to keep in mind.

1. Free traffic. This doesn’t cost you anything to generate except some of the time you will spend to do it.

Blogging is a good example of free traffic. I can write blog articles all day long and promote my new blog posts in ways that generate traffic and don’t cost me anything except my time.

Discussion forum marketing is another good example of free traffic. You can spend as much time as you want posting in discussion forums. If you do it correctly you will have a signature file with a link back to your blog. This can be fairly high quality traffic, but it takes time to participate in the discussions.

Here’s one more example of free traffic. Post comments on other people’s blogs. When you do this you can end up developing a relationship with the owner of the blogs you are commenting on, as well as generate traffic to your blog from their readers.

All of these examples of free traffic take a certain amount of time and effort on your part. When you value your time in a dollar amount, then you understand it is not really free traffic except that it doesn’t cost you money out of your business checking account.

2. Paid traffic. The great thing about paid traffic is how quickly you can see results.

A good example of this would be a pay per click advertising campaign. Let’s say you decide to invest a small amount of money doing Facebook ads.

You’re going to know almost right away how many clicks you are getting and what the quality of that traffic is. This may be something you want to continue and even scale to a larger degree if it’s profitable.

The same thing is true with other forms of PPC advertising such as Google Adwords or Yahoo-Bing Marketing. This is the fastest way to get on page 1 of these large search engines for keyword phrases that you’re targeting relevant to the business you are in.

One disadvantage to paid traffic is you can lose money and run unprofitable campaigns very quickly as well. Another disadvantage is there’s a learning curve in how to properly do these types of advertising.

Many Internet marketers don’t have the skills it takes to do this. Especially if you are just starting out. For this reason you may want to hire a search engine optimization company to handle your advertising for you if your budget allows.

3. Social media. This type of marketing can deliver fantastic results for the amount of money you spend. We have already mentioned there are forms of free and paid traffic such as blogging and Facebook that can be good for generating traffic.

Participating in social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, is a good idea because there are prospects for your business and products there. The same thing is true with Pinterest, Instagram, and You Tube.

Actually You Tube is a whole separate category. It’s now the third largest search engine in the world and can be an excellent source of traffic when you post your videos there.

Video marketing is not hard to do. You can use a service such as Animoto and create beautiful slide series videos with high definition graphics and music.

You can then upload them to You Tube with one click. Setting up the video is easy to do and you can link back to your blog in the description box.

If you really want to expand your video marketing create a blog post and embed your video in it. Google owns You Tube and they love to see videos published off of their site as well.

We can continue to write a very lengthy article, almost to the point that we need to create a report or write an ebook on traffic generation. To me all of this eventually becomes somewhat overwhelming. You can see the benefit of focusing on one or two proven traffic generation strategies.

Otherwise you’re better to outsource as much of your online marketing to generate traffic as you possibly can. This could be everything from hiring a blog writer, or graphic designer, to hiring somebody from Fiverr to post blog comments and get Facebook likes for you.