10 Insider Secrets You Must Know To Avoid Online Scams.

This post below outlines 10 ways to protect yourself when you’re thinking of buying any product or service online. If you want to learn something that’s 100% newbie friendly and really works, I’ve put together a free training based on my 10 years of marketing online.  It will show you how to start building and monetizing your own list by ethically sharing away other people’s content.  Click here to register for the free training.

I’ve been supporting myself as an internet marketer since 2007 and I’ve built a business through helping people achieve their goals.

However, I’ve also seen a lot of the “dark side” of this industry, and unfortunately it’s easier to get caught out by some shady character than you might think.

To help you protect yourself better, here are the top 10 things to look out for when buying any kind of online product.

#1 – Fake Actors:

If a person in a sales video is making amazing claims of their success online and yet you can’t find them with a quick google search of their name along with “internet marketing” then chances are you are watching a fake actor who has been paid to sell you a load of B.S.

#2 – “7 mouse clicks to riches”:

When you see someone claiming you can make money in 7 (or any other number) of clicks, just close your browser window (…along with all the pop-ups that follow).   Building an online business is achievable but it does take SOME work.

#3 – Blind offers.  All sizzle, but no steak.

If a sales presentation never tells you what’s IN the product, and only tells you about the income you can make, then buyer beware.  Real offers will tell you how the product is going to help you, not just dazzle you with promises.

#4 – No Contact Info.  Anywhere.

If you can’t find any contact information on a sales page, what kind of customers support do you think you can expect after your purchase? Exactly, just walk away slowly and no one will get hurt.

#5 – Incomplete Proof. What does it all mean?

Lots of sales pages and sales videos have impressive proof…but is it real?  It’s easy to photoshop these days.  Though even with real proof, you may not always see everything.  For example, a screenshot showing $10k in revenue is great.  But if the guy is spending $10k on traffic to make that?… Not so great.

#6 – Untrustworthy payment processor:

I’m sad to say, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a trustworthy offer sold on Clicksure.com. Don’t touch anything you see being sold through this site.

#7 – Investment scams:

Offers that claim to make you lots of money via day trading or some other type of “secret” investment opportunity are just lying to you plain and simple. 

#8 – “Make thousands a month from surveys”. Yeah right.

While you can make some money using survey sites, it’s not going to be a lot … unless you can work 25 hours a day, 8 days a week.

#9 – False Scarcity … “Just ONE left.”

We all know scarcity is a great motivator.  But that’s led some people just to fake it.  If someone says  “This offer expires in 59 minutes” try opening an incognito tab and loading the offer page in that tab. If the timer resets, its bogus. 

#10 – Ground floor opportunities … “Going Down”  

Offers that claim you need to act now to get in on the “ground floor” are set up on unsustainable pyramid scheme growth models. The only way to make money is to continually get more people in.  Don’t get involved with these sorts of pyramid schemes because someone always gets screwed and that means you either get screwed yourself, or you have to screw others to make money.

So What Can You Do?

Wow. I know.

That’s a lot of things to be aware of.  And I don’t want to scare you.

The truth is, you can avoid a lot of these by just following a system that is proven to work for newbies.

The thing that I’ve personally found is the easiest when you are just getting started is to build and monetize your own email by ethically giving other people’s stuff away for free.

It’s not difficult either.

You can do it with free tools and you don’t even need your own product. Just give stuff away for free to build a list, and monetize it after. To learn more about this simple method, just click here now and register for the free training that will show you exactly how to do it.