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The Problem with Affiliate links

After years of hopelessly promoting different programs I finally became tired of having little or no success with each offer I'd promote.

I'd join a program and then send out an email with the ugly link they gave me.  And each time the result was.... No sales! Nothing!

Do you find that you have the same problem?

Nobody wants to be bombarded with blatant affiliate links.  People hate being sold to.  If you want to get someones attention you need something more impressive.

That's why I created this simple system.  It took me just 5 minutes to implement it and send my first email.

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Now YOU can Protect those Affiiliate Commissions you worked so Hard for AND produce links that People WANT to click on!

In a recent survey of thousands of affiliates, the number one concern
was that their long affiliate links were not being clicked on. The number two concern was that people were stealing their commissions.

The truth is, many affiliate links today are long, confusing and easily recognisable as an affiliate URL.  Just look at these for example..




Would you click on those links above? 

Probably not.  Why?

They look ugly and, frankly, YOU should be embarrased by them!

If you are using links like these to promote your affiliate programs, you could be losing up to 90% of sales, simply because people wont click on the link, or the links themselves break up in email messages.

What's more, if you are promoting Clickbank products, it doesn't take a genius for people to figure out that if they replace your clickbank ID with their ID then THEY get the commission.

With the MyLinkGuard system, you'll be able to Cloak your URLs so that the affiliate ID's are never shown.  You can create links like these below and that is all the the visitor will ever be ever to see.  You never have to lose another commission again!




See how much better those links look?  With the MyLinkGuard system you'll be able to create an unlimited amount of protected pages, each uniquely disguised and secure.

IMPORTANT: Even using popular link shrinking sites will result in you losing sales.  People are becoming all too familiar with these links and they realise that they are "disguised" affiliate links.  If you want to guarantee your links get clicked you need the MyLinkGuard system.

Get paid just for getting visitors to your site!

When you sign up for this 100% Free system, you'll also become an instant MyLinkGuard affiliate.  Your affiliate page will be automatically viewed by each visitor AFTER they leave yours.

You could actually earn up to $48.50 for each Free member you refer as the MyLinkGuard page works continuously in the background.

"How can I do that??" I hear you ask.

Good question.  The truth is, it's easy.  But I'm not going to share the secret here, it's only for people who are serious enough about this system to try it out :-) (Remember it's free anyway!)

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